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UK NEWS: Vaping 101- According to Metro UK

UK NEWS: Vaping 101- According to Metro UK I am not sure if Metro is the best place for new vapers to get their information, BUT, I do like the extra exposure vaping is getting! In the article, "Vaping 101: Common mistakes vapers make and how to avoid them"  Imogen Bloome, goes over some

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Smoking BAN in Scottish Prisons, But Will They Allow VAPING?

 Smoking BAN in Scottish Prisons, Will They Allow VAPING? Scottish inmates will soon have no choice but to quit smoking. Hopefully less harmful vapor products will be made available. They main reason is the fact that non-smoking employees are subjected to secondhand smoke. "...The Tobacco in Prisons Study (TIPS), indicated that when on duty,

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Vaping Regulations HURT & Flavors MATTER

Vaping Regulations HURT & Flavors MATTER Regulations could cause the death of the vapor industry, but more importantly, the death of millions of smokers. Vaping is an extremely disruptive technology and some opposition, even skepticism is expected. With millions of lives at stake, vaping MUST be allowed to do it's thing. VAPING has provided

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UK NEWS: Vaping in the Office?

UK NEWS: Vaping in the Office?!?   This is the BEST thing I have read all day and is yet another example of how the UK is so far ahead of the USA. At least when it comes to Tobacco Harm Reduction. The government proposed Tobacco Control Plan ".... pledges to “maximise the availability of

Wrigley versus Chi-Town Vapers: Doublemint Lawsuit

Wrigley vs Chi-Town Vapers: Doublemint Lawsuit Wrigley Co, the makers of Double Mint, Juicy Fruit and other iconic gums filed a federal lawsuit against a vapor company this past week. The taste (of this lawsuit) is gonna move ya.... ( get it, like the old Juicy Fruit commercials...) Chi-Town Vapers & Chi-Town Labs makes


PAX LABS, the manufacturer of the Juul -  BAD FOR THE VAPING INDUSTRY I said it for years, PAX is NOT "one of us." Pax manufactures the JUUL pod system device, which has been very popular with many vapers over the past year or so. All along I said this company was bad for

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Is LOVE ISLAND now VAPE ISLAND? The popular UK reality TV show is in the news, but not the normal celebrity gossip stuff. After receiving numerous complaints about contestants smoking on the show, producers agreed to provide vapor products to the sexy singles. Would we call is vape island instead of love island now? Vape

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VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: Flawless Lifestyle Brand

VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: FLAWLESS LIFESTYLE BRAND 18% OFF WITH CODE: "VS18" It is Friday, that means it's time for a new VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK!  Last week we had a killer deal on Naked 100 and it went GREAT, a lot of yall took advantage of the discount and stocked up! This

Bangkok Dangerous: Thailand Vape BUST!

Bangkok Dangerous: Thailand Vape BUST!   Bangkok Dangerous? It is if you are selling vape gear apparently. Have you heard about the recent vape bust in Bangkok, Thailand ? Apparently providing less harmful tobacco alternatives to Thai smokers will get you into big trouble! Imagine a government imposing unfair regulations on life saving technology,

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Vapestars: The PODCAST- UK News – SF Flavor Ban

Vapestars: The PODCAST UK News & San Fran Flavor Ban Vapestars the podcast: In the latest episode of Vapestars the Podcast, UK news, the San Fran flavor ban, and ask YOU to contact me.   Listen to the last episode and comment here with your thoughts, responses, feedback or really anything you have to