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I told everyone that I was going to really focus on getting the Coupon Codes & Discounts page loaded up. Well, this week I have made good on that promise and have added some pretty sweet deals to the site. Check these out and let me know what you think! NEW Vaping Deals, Coupons & Discounts

It’s Time For Some Action CASAA is asking members to voice support for a provision in this year’s budget bill that would change the grandfather date for products that are about to be subject to the FDA’s tobacco regulations. This provision would essentially include the Cole bill language — HR 2058 — and require the FDA to move the grandfather date to the

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The Vapestars Network is Growing!

I always envisioned The Vapestars Network as just that, a network of vapers sharing information. Well it’s time… Please join me in welcoming Jason, aka, PinoyDDragon to the team! GO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL  (below) AND CHECK BACK HERE FOR NEW REVIEWS!

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The Russian RBA (Kayfun Clone)

Here it is, The Russian RBA, a Kayfun “type” atomizer. A clone to some, to others however, because it has a different name, it is a whole different product in itself. Also available is the Russian 91% , a Kayfun Lite “type” atomizer. Whatever, the Russian is a kayfun 3.1 clone. It acts exactly

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Aspire BDC Clearomizers

When I started vaping, the Ce4 clearomizer served me very well. Soon though I was looking for a clearomizer with a larger juice capacity, better flavor and greater vapor production. Well the Aspire BDC’s were not around then, But they are here now! The bottom coil (replaceable) design offers many advantages over the top

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Upcoming reviews! What’s Next?!!

The Kayfun 3.1 CLONE and the Magoo RBA (Ithaka clone) from finally landed! Very excited to vape and review these bad boys! Also from Eciggity , The Aspire BCC (bottom coil clearomizer’s) arrived! I have heard these things called “Vivi Nova Killers” I have high hopes! I want to be sure and

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