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I told everyone that I was going to really focus on getting the Coupon Codes & Discounts page loaded up. Well, this week I have made good on that promise and have added some pretty sweet deals to the site. Check these out and let me know what you think! NEW Vaping Deals, Coupons & Discounts

Top Hat Mods: NEW Titanium 26650 sxj2

Top Hat Mods #T4 26650 w/ 18650 sleeve adapter Titanium frame Sxj350 v2 *warning, this is a bit cheesey, but I have never cared about being cool anyway. I wanted this device before it was ever invented and just didn’t know it. Had I sat in the workshop for 8-9 months and talked to

Tandem 75-TC (box mod) by Beyond Vape

My new favorite device when using a tank…. Super compact but sturdy, sleek but durable, the Tandem has quickly earned a place in my daily line up. Tandem 75-tc by Beyond Vape Product Description Tandem 75-TC by Beyond Vape The new Tandem 75-TC Box Mod by Beyond Vape is a side-by-side, 75 watt temperature

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Why is the the industry / community NOT “sponsoring” smokers? Vapers that blow large clouds, do vape tricks, build fancy coils get “sponsored” daily…. Well, my good friend JD and I want to bring the focus back to the people that REALLY need us, we decided to do something about it. The Sponsor A Smoker program

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