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Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into Hemp & CBD

Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry Over the last 8-9 months & have immersed myself into the HEMP & CBD industry. To be completely honest, my initial goal was just to create another source of income. It quickly became much more meaningful and gratifying. If you want to follow

GRIP 6 BELT: Unboxing the “Classic Pack”

I GOT FAT. As many of you may already have noticed from my videos, I gained a bit of weight over the last few years. Between all the driving and international travel, I got up to damn near 300lbs and recently have been losing some weight. I am by no means skinny, but I

Crunch Time for The Vaping Community! Get FDA Comment’s IN!

So we now have less than 48hrs until the the FDA will no longer accept comments on the proposed regulation’s of Ecigs. IF you haven’t commented, NOW IS THE TIME. IF you already have, YOU CAN POST MORE THAN ONCE! CASAA has done a great job of providing guidance for submitting, GO NOW:

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