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Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into Hemp & CBD

Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry Over the last 8-9 months & have immersed myself into the HEMP & CBD industry. To be completely honest, my initial goal was just to create another source of income. It quickly became much more meaningful and gratifying. If you want to follow

REBUILDABLES & TPD Regulations: NEW Development?

I just got an interesting email from Tony, a vape shop owner in the UK, in it he says: "....we were under the understanding that RDA's were not covered under the UK's implementation of the TPD. However, in the last few days the MHRA has updated their stance, now requiring all rebuildables to be

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I told everyone that I was going to really focus on getting the Coupon Codes & Discounts page loaded up. Well, this week I have made good on that promise and have added some pretty sweet deals to the site. Check these out and let me know what you think! NEW Vaping Deals, Coupons & Discounts

BSC from Cap It All Vapes

The BSC is a flexible & straightforward rebuildable dripping atomizer with features many vapers look for, and at $65 retail, carries a price tag a lot of vapers will like. Specs: -22mm diameter -Dual airflow control from the deck and top cap. -Stock chuff style drip tip with a 510 Delrin adapter. (GREAT

Vaping with GOLIATH…

From the folks at Vicious Ant, Vape Affliction and Double Helix Designs comes… The GOLIATH RDA The Goliath, like it’s name suggests, is a BIG fella.. I tend to like the looks of  Vicious Ant gear, although I have never owned a piece until now.The machining and quality of this piece is excellent, up

The Haze RSA by VHO: Quick Build

Processed with Moldiv I like this idea of quick build videos prior to cutting my full review. Hope you folks dig it to! Well this time it’s the HAZE rda from the folks at Vape Head Origins! The HAZE is a brand new rebuildable that brings some of the best features of

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Quick Build on the NEW Tornado RDA

Processed with Moldiv I was at the shop today looking at a brand new shiny atty and I said, let’s do  build video! I actually started singing the Frozen song, “Do you wanna build a snowman…” and replaced snowman with Tornado…. Slow day huh? Lucky for you I didn’t include that in

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Patriot v2 RDA & The Liberty Mod by Innovape!

Oh yeah! This is a sexy American set up if I have ever seen one. I have been a fan of Innovape for a while and over the last year, put MANY, MANY hours of vape time on the Patriot v1.  Well Viper Vape shot over the new Patriot V2 a cpl weeks back

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