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The Stillare v3 by Cartel Mods

Finally! A  balance of flavor and vapor production.. The Stillare v3 RDA by Cartel Mods I have been “following”  Cartel Mods on Instagram for MONTHS and have seen them build a great reputation and put out some great looking devices. The first few versions of the Stillare were VERY well received, yet I never

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The ZNA, CLONED. House of Hybrid’s reaction….

  ZEN and House of Hybrids responds to the ZNA being cloned…… You will DEFINITELYwant to read this.. So the extremely popular ZNA  has been cloned and it looks like they are starting to hit american soil. The ZNA by House of Hybrids is a high quality and well built  device powered by

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The Thundercloud RDA -Bringing the THUNDER CLOUDS

Bringin the Thunder Clouds. That’s what The Vapors (VPRS) crew, the makers of The Thundercloud RDA, do on a daily basis… Since they love huge clouds, it makes sense that they would design an atomizer specifically for their style of vaping.. When I met them at VaperCon West, they told me, “JT, beat this atty

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VHO’s Raijin & Raiju: MOD of Thunder..!

VHO’s newest family members are the Raijin (mechanical mod) and the Raiju (rebuildable dripping atomizer) According to Japanese Mythology, and via Wikipedia: Raijin is a name for the “God of Thunder” (see what I did there with the title?) Raiju is a name for  “Thunder Animal” or “Thunder Beast” The image of Raijin’s face

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The “HALO” (top cap) from Cap It All Vapes

Cap It All Vapes does it yet again.. Since I found them months ago, they have been steadily pumping out new and innovative products , this time it’s The Halo: a custom top cap that fits either the Igo-w3 atomizer AND even some 22mm atomizers, like The Patriot. Check out their Facebook page for details on other atomizers the