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Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into Hemp & CBD

Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry Over the last 8-9 months & have immersed myself into the HEMP & CBD industry. To be completely honest, my initial goal was just to create another source of income. It quickly became much more meaningful and gratifying. If you want to follow

Vapestars: The PODCAST- UK News – SF Flavor Ban

Vapestars: The PODCAST UK News & San Fran Flavor Ban Vapestars the podcast: In the latest episode of Vapestars the Podcast, UK news, the San Fran flavor ban, and ask YOU to contact me.   Listen to the last episode and comment here with your thoughts, responses, feedback or really anything you have to

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING in UK?

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING? Philip Morris International is paying people 50 GBP if they help someone quit smoking. In an article posted June 30th they said they are so committed to a smoke free world that they are paying to help end smoking altogether. BUT, Philip Morris will make damn

Vapestars the PODCAST: How quickly we forget…

On the latest episode of Vapestars: The PODCAST, I decided to expand on a recent post- In this show I encourage all vapers to be careful NOT to alienate smokers, remember, you were once one of them! We must be open and inviting to the smokers of the world, they are future vapers and

Vapestars: the podcast- “The Value of Vape Shops”

Vapestars: THE PODCAST  "The Value of Vape Shops" The  B&M, or brick & mortar, vape shop is possibly our most valuable asset. BUT, that doesn't mean running a shop isn't a challenge, a daily challenge even. Shop owners struggle to compete with online vendors, other shops and many struggle to stay relevant

Vapestars: the Podcast – Battery Wrap Rant 6/11

So on this episode of Vapestars: the podcast I MAY have gone on a 30+ minute rant about battery wraps. But hey, it's my show right? Tune in to Sunday nights at 8pm pacific to catch the LIVE show each week. You can always wait & catch the replay on Sticher, Itunes, Speaker,

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