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Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into Hemp & CBD

Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry Over the last 8-9 months & have immersed myself into the HEMP & CBD industry. To be completely honest, my initial goal was just to create another source of income. It quickly became much more meaningful and gratifying. If you want to follow

The Perception of Vaping in Public By Barry White

This is a “Guest Post” from a member of our Vapestars groups on Facebook, Barry is a responsible vaper and wanted to share his thoughts with the community. The perception of vaping in public By Barry White. I was browsing a popular vaping forum yesterday and came across a post about where and when

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We Are Vapestars: Jonathan W.

Click edit button to change this text. Jonathan W’s story:  I started smoking cigarettes when I was fourteen years old.  My friends and I were in a talent show cover band and after we would finish playing Korn covers we would go out into the woods behind the shed and smoke Marlboro Lights.  It