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The “HALO” (top cap) from Cap It All Vapes

Cap It All Vapes does it yet again.. Since I found them months ago, they have been steadily pumping out new and innovative products , this time it’s The Halo: a custom top cap that fits either the Igo-w3 atomizer AND even some 22mm atomizers, like The Patriot. Check out their Facebook page for details on other atomizers the Halo top cap fits:

The Halo is built with 4, easily adjustable air holes so no matter what the build, you are sure to get plenty of air to your coils with NO DRILLING! I mean who wants to pay good money for an atomizer, then risk damage by taking a drill to it? The Halo allows you to get the air flow you want and keep your original top cap stock and undamaged. I personally like to change air flow depending on the juice, time of day and where I am at the time. Sometimes I feel like blowing clouds with a really open draw, other times I may dial the air flow back and kick it with a tighter draw. But I’m finicky like that.. But we all are to an extent .. Right?

FORGOT TO MENTION IN VIDEO, The air flow , when fully opened is comparable to a dripper with dual 7/64″ air holes.. That’s my best guess / comparison.

Check out the above facebook page for retailers and even sign up lists to purchase the Halo (and other custom top caps / drip tips) directly from CIA Vapes.

Shout out to my buddy, Dirty Red.. This review is dedicated to you homie!

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