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Have we forgotten so soon?


This seems obvious, but I think MANY vapers totally forget this soon after they put down the stinkies. It starts with passion, I do understand that. Vapers that are able to move away from smoking cigarettes are excited, and rightfully so. This excitement helps them stay away from tobacco, it helps them stay strong and it helps them save the lives of still smoking family members and friends. New vapers LOVE to share vaping with others, it’s a passion that keeps our vaping community growing and enable this technology to save lives.

BUT, it then takes a left turn. Pretty soon vapers are turning their noses up at smokers, alienating them and even mumbling, “Ewww why are they still smoking those things?” How did you used to feel as a smoker? Did these dirty looks and comment encourage you to quit smoking? I bet the answer is a resounding NO.

Trust me, I get it, smoking smells HORRIBLE and it is very bad for our health. Just keep in mind, that was many of us for YEARS and we knew it was a horrible habit already. We knew it smelled bad, we knew we were likely killing ourselves. BUT, we were not ready to stop.


Treating smokers with compassion and understanding, while educating them about vaping, is the best way to save their lives.




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