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REBUILDABLES & TPD Regulations: NEW Development?

I just got an interesting email from Tony, a vape shop owner in the UK, in it he says:

“….we were under the understanding that RDA’s were not covered under the UK’s implementation of the TPD. However, in the last few days the MHRA has updated their stance, now requiring all rebuildables to be notified….”

Tony sent over a link and the statement that supposedly pertains to this new development is underneath the heading  “FURTHER INFORMATION” (link & picture below)

This is news to many as the general understanding of the TPD regulations put rebuildable atomizers OUTSIDE of these rules. This meant, among other things, that they did not have to be in special packaging and manufacturers were not required to submit them to the MHRA before hitting the market.


I still have to do some digging, but if this is the case, it is news to most of us. 



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