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The Perception of Vaping in Public By Barry White

This is a “Guest Post” from a member of our Vapestars groups on Facebook, Barry is a responsible vaper and wanted to share his thoughts with the community.
The perception of vaping in public
By Barry White.

I was browsing a popular vaping forum yesterday and came across a post about where and when is it appropriate to vape. A guy mentioned he was asked not to vape in a department store. His response was “it’s only water vapor.” Yes, that is true. But if it is causing discomfort to others or drawing unwanted attention, that should be our cue as vapers to refrain.

     I smoked analogs for 16 years nonstop. So when I started vaping it was like I found a new freedom. The public is aware of ecigs (cigalikes) but I don’t think they’re as keen on vaping culture. So it’s our job as vapers to set precedent on how we as a community are viewed. I feel it is up to us,  the so called first gen vapers to lead by example. Not cloud chasing in line at a grocery store and creating a negative stigma about our culture.
     We are Vapestars. We are paving the way for future generations of vapers. We’re showing vapers, smokers and everyone else that there is another way, better way. So please the next time you get a craving out in public, make sure you’re being responsible about your vaping. I’d like to know, how you decide whether or not it is appropriate to vape? And how are you doing your part to portray our community in a positive light?
Barry White
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