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Plume Veil rda Clone

Chuck, my buddy, left this rda with me to tinker around with. He knows I am planning to pick up an authentic Plume Veil at some point and was he was curious as to what I would think about this clone.

At a glance it has a lot of interesting air flow options and adjustments and an easy to build  4 post deck under the top cap.. (upon closer look some of the air flow options that seem to make this rda stand out don’t even line up on this model)

BUT, speaking of under the top cap,  the gold color of the atomizer deck makes me a bit nervous, will that flake off? Will I end up ingesting / vaping / inhaling  that gold layer? OR, is is built with safe / quality materials and it will be good to go for a while…

The thing is, most likely, no one can answer that. Well, I guess if one of you own a Plume Veil clone, you may be able to shed some light on this for me.

NOW, I admit I am a paranoid vaper. You may not be concerned with the things that concern me whatsoever. That is for every grown ass adult to decide for themselves. Just something thats on my mind..

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