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Smoking BAN in Scottish Prisons, But Will They Allow VAPING?

 Smoking BAN in Scottish Prisons, Will They Allow VAPING?

Scottish inmates will soon have no choice but to quit smoking. Hopefully less harmful vapor products will be made available.

They main reason is the fact that non-smoking employees are subjected to secondhand smoke.

“…The Tobacco in Prisons Study (TIPS), indicated that when on duty, the majority of non-smoking prison staff (about ⅔), are regularly exposed to smoke, the equivalent to that one would be exposed to if living with a smoker….”

“…The SPS replied to these concerns by saying that prisoners will be offered help to quit before the the ban is implemented. Last March, both Irish and Isle of Man prisons announced that vaping products could be made available for sale in their prisons….”

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Smoking rates are higher in prison populations and the fear is that taking smoking away, cold turkey, will possibly lead to behavior problems.


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