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"LET'S BE REAL SAN FRANCISCO" Committee launched by SFATA to Fight The Flavor Ban.   "Let's be real San Francisco" adults love flavors and your recent move to ban ALL flavors is just an all around horrible move. As many of you know, a city wide flavor ban was recently passed and enacted in

Vapestars: the podcast- “The Value of Vape Shops”

Vapestars: THE PODCAST  "The Value of Vape Shops" The  B&M, or brick & mortar, vape shop is possibly our most valuable asset. BUT, that doesn't mean running a shop isn't a challenge, a daily challenge even. Shop owners struggle to compete with online vendors, other shops and many struggle to stay relevant

SMOKE FREE RADIO IS BACK! (Dimi & friends)

Many of you know that I have always toyed with the idea of starting a Podcast…. Well, a few weeks ago my good friend, fellow vaper and advocate Dimitris invited me to join the new SMOKE FREE RADIO NETWORK.  “The Smoke Free Radio Network is dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction via use of personal

Open Letter to the Vapor Industry by John Denver

May 26th 2015 An Open Letter To The Vapor Industry Dear Vapor Industry (Vendors/Manufacturers), In this time of such instability and extreme scrutiny it is your responsibility to be ambassadors. It is your responsibility to make decisions that ensure the longevity of this Industry. You are the ones that have the ability to shape

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The Vapers Pledge

The Vapers Pledge As a vaper I pledge to do these things no matter how hard they might be and no matter how many people will tell me it doesn’t matter. I pledge to do these things not for myself, but for the hope that others will be afforded the same opportunity as I have

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Vapestars Update

2015 has been quite the year for the vaping community! I wanted to talk a little bit about SOME issues in the vaping community, things happening in the industry & what I have been up to. Make no mistake,vaping as we know it is under attack. A year ago I would have never thought “VAPING” was really affecting cigarette