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It’s Time For Some Action CASAA is asking members to voice support for a provision in this year’s budget bill that would change the grandfather date for products that are about to be subject to the FDA’s tobacco regulations. This provision would essentially include the Cole bill language — HR 2058 — and require the FDA to move the grandfather date to the

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The Vapers Pledge

The Vapers Pledge As a vaper I pledge to do these things no matter how hard they might be and no matter how many people will tell me it doesn’t matter. I pledge to do these things not for myself, but for the hope that others will be afforded the same opportunity as I have

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Will YOU help fight to keep VAPING around?

HELP ENSURE ‘VAPING’ STICKS AROUND ! You may or may not know, but there are some who would like to see “vaping” as we know it go away. Some would prefer BIG TOBACCO companies to continue getting money from consumers. In my opinion, and unfortunately,  some of these people are lawmakers who may receive a substantial amount of money from BIG TOBACCO companies and in turn,

Crunch Time for The Vaping Community! Get FDA Comment’s IN!

So we now have less than 48hrs until the the FDA will no longer accept comments on the proposed regulation’s of Ecigs. IF you haven’t commented, NOW IS THE TIME. IF you already have, YOU CAN POST MORE THAN ONCE! CASAA has done a great job of providing guidance for submitting, GO NOW:

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