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UK NEWS: Vaping 101- According to Metro UK

UK NEWS: Vaping 101- According to Metro UK I am not sure if Metro is the best place for new vapers to get their information, BUT, I do like the extra exposure vaping is getting! In the article, "Vaping 101: Common mistakes vapers make and how to avoid them"  Imogen Bloome, goes over some

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UK NEWS: Vaping in the Office?

UK NEWS: Vaping in the Office?!?   This is the BEST thing I have read all day and is yet another example of how the UK is so far ahead of the USA. At least when it comes to Tobacco Harm Reduction. The government proposed Tobacco Control Plan ".... pledges to “maximise the availability of

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING in UK?

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING? Philip Morris International is paying people 50 GBP if they help someone quit smoking. In an article posted June 30th they said they are so committed to a smoke free world that they are paying to help end smoking altogether. BUT, Philip Morris will make damn

REBUILDABLES & TPD Regulations: NEW Development?

I just got an interesting email from Tony, a vape shop owner in the UK, in it he says: "....we were under the understanding that RDA's were not covered under the UK's implementation of the TPD. However, in the last few days the MHRA has updated their stance, now requiring all rebuildables to be

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Vapstars in the UK: Nottingham & Sherwood Forest

We are back online folks!  I have been away for quite a while and up until recently, was in the UK. The Vapestars Network site's monthly hosting was tied to an old debit card that was cut off due to potential fraud. Well, the hosting cost couldn't be taken from that card and eventually

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