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Tugboat v3 Combo by Flawless

The Tugboat v3 Combo by Flawless Let's look at the NEW combo from Flawless. What do you get: a Tugboat v3 mod & Flawless AF rda together in a serialized, matching set. How much: $185 retail Where to get it:   Tugboat v3 Mod: Flawless has brought the old school back and made

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The Stillare v3 by Cartel Mods

Finally! A  balance of flavor and vapor production.. The Stillare v3 RDA by Cartel Mods I have been “following”  Cartel Mods on Instagram for MONTHS and have seen them build a great reputation and put out some great looking devices. The first few versions of the Stillare were VERY well received, yet I never

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