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Crunch Time for The Vaping Community! Get FDA Comment’s IN!

So we now have less than 48hrs until the the FDA will no longer accept comments on the proposed regulation’s of Ecigs. IF you haven’t commented, NOW IS THE TIME. IF you already have, YOU CAN POST MORE THAN ONCE! CASAA has done a great job of providing guidance for submitting, GO NOW:

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The Thundercloud RDA -Bringing the THUNDER CLOUDS

Bringin the Thunder Clouds. That’s what The Vapors (VPRS) crew, the makers of The Thundercloud RDA, do on a daily basis… Since they love huge clouds, it makes sense that they would design an atomizer specifically for their style of vaping.. When I met them at VaperCon West, they told me, “JT, beat this atty

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That “Custardo” Though…

So, I will get straight to it.. This company makes one of the best e-juice’s I have tried over the past year. “Oh Herro E-juice!”  is run by a really good dude named Nick, his flagship / signature flavor is a vanilla custard:  “Custardo” ( Creamy vanilla custard with no secret diactyl or acetone ingredients)

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Looking for a custard flavor with a lil something extra?

They call it,  “LION”- a vanilla / Ube flavor… I call it “oatmeal cookie – vanilla custard” lol… “Lion” by Illuminati Vapor just may be that new dessert flavor you are looking for. .. That was my favorite out of my sample pack they sent me for review, check it out here: Vapestars Reviews: Illuminati Vapor Check out

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The “HALO” (top cap) from Cap It All Vapes

Cap It All Vapes does it yet again.. Since I found them months ago, they have been steadily pumping out new and innovative products , this time it’s The Halo: a custom top cap that fits either the Igo-w3 atomizer AND even some 22mm atomizers, like The Patriot. Check out their Facebook page for details on other atomizers the

Vapestars Reviews: The QVapes Coiling Rig

Innovation. Efficiency.  User friendliness (is that a word?) Qvapes gets it. I had my doubts about this product , but once I got ahold of it and wrapped my first coil, I was sold 100% If  you enjoy single or dual coil builds.. If  you prefer nano, micro or more traditional style coils… If  you

Vapestars Reviews: Cali Kings E-Juice

Dem Berries… Oh Dem Berries.. (translation, The e-juice named “Dem Berries is quite delicious, quite delicious indeed) Here is a quick run through of 3 flavors from Cali Kings Premium E-Juice Can you tell I really  enjoyed “Dem Berries” ?? lol Check ’em out if these sound like something you would enjoy! Cali Kings

Vapestars Reviews: Black Cloud Vapor

This is the second round of juices I have reviewed  from Black Cloud Vapor. That says something in itself  They have released a few new flavors and I touch back on a special one, Red Ox: A Red Bull RED inspired flavor the owner mixed up after chatting with me one day.. Took him