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VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: Flawless Lifestyle Brand

VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: FLAWLESS LIFESTYLE BRAND 18% OFF WITH CODE: "VS18" It is Friday, that means it's time for a new VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK!  Last week we had a killer deal on Naked 100 and it went GREAT, a lot of yall took advantage of the discount and stocked up! This

Bangkok Dangerous: Thailand Vape BUST!

Bangkok Dangerous: Thailand Vape BUST!   Bangkok Dangerous? It is if you are selling vape gear apparently. Have you heard about the recent vape bust in Bangkok, Thailand ? Apparently providing less harmful tobacco alternatives to Thai smokers will get you into big trouble! Imagine a government imposing unfair regulations on life saving technology,

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Vapestars: The PODCAST- UK News – SF Flavor Ban

Vapestars: The PODCAST UK News & San Fran Flavor Ban Vapestars the podcast: In the latest episode of Vapestars the Podcast, UK news, the San Fran flavor ban, and ask YOU to contact me.   Listen to the last episode and comment here with your thoughts, responses, feedback or really anything you have to

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING in UK?

Philip Morris International PAYS £50 to QUIT SMOKING? Philip Morris International is paying people 50 GBP if they help someone quit smoking. In an article posted June 30th they said they are so committed to a smoke free world that they are paying to help end smoking altogether. BUT, Philip Morris will make damn


"LET'S BE REAL SAN FRANCISCO" Committee launched by SFATA to Fight The Flavor Ban.   "Let's be real San Francisco" adults love flavors and your recent move to ban ALL flavors is just an all around horrible move. As many of you know, a city wide flavor ban was recently passed and enacted in


VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: NAKED 100 ELIQUID     Starting today I will be posting a "DEAL OF THE WEEK" each and every Friday! These will vary, but I will always post a special deal, discount or sale. To kick this thing off I thought we would go with one of the hottest

REBUILDABLES & TPD Regulations: NEW Development?

I just got an interesting email from Tony, a vape shop owner in the UK, in it he says: "....we were under the understanding that RDA's were not covered under the UK's implementation of the TPD. However, in the last few days the MHRA has updated their stance, now requiring all rebuildables to be

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Vapestars Road Trip: Salvation Mountain, Slab City

I like to share, you know this much about me already.  I really miss being on the road, when I used to travel to vape shops I really enjoyed it and now am left with having to get my fill on the weekends. Check out, Vapestars Road Trip: Salvation Mountain video below! This past


Have we forgotten so soon? MOST VAPERS WERE SMOKERS! This seems obvious, but I think MANY vapers totally forget this soon after they put down the stinkies. It starts with passion, I do understand that. Vapers that are able to move away from smoking cigarettes are excited, and rightfully so. This excitement helps them

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