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 MEMBERS ONLY: VAPESTAR SUPPLY CO. & HOLY CANNOLI ELIQUID Eliquid available from Vapestars?!? DID YOU SAY I CAN BUY HOLY CANNOLI ELIQUID FROM VAPESTARS?  Now you can stock up on your favorite eliquids, including Holy Cannoli, at Vapestar Supply Co. Pick from the hottest brands on the market, including the entire Holy Cannoli line up: Glazed


YEP, I let the site's hosting expire again. Luckily I didn't lose everything like last time, I just had to call Go Daddy and pay the $20 I owed to get back up and running. I know, it's super lame. BIG CHANGES ARE LIKELY COMING SOON! Be on the lookout for some HUGE changes to

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FDA PRESS RELEASE: GOOD NEWS FOR THE VAPOR INDUSTRY   The vaping industry may have FINALLY gotten the break we needed today. Or at least the first break, there is still much that needs to be changed when it comes to the FDA Deeming Regulations. If not changed, the deeming regulations will CRUSH over 90%

Vapestars Network DEAL of the WEEK: AIR FACTORY ELIQUID

 VAPESTARS NETWORK DEAL OF THE WEEK: AIR FACTORY ELIQUID $13.99!! THIS week's deal is a banger for sure! Each week I post a new deal, discount or coupon code to save YOU money on the hottest eliquid and hardware. Air Factory is one of the hottest liquids on the market, and for good reason.

VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: Flawless Lifestyle Brand

VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK: FLAWLESS LIFESTYLE BRAND 18% OFF WITH CODE: "VS18" It is Friday, that means it's time for a new VAPESTARS DEAL OF THE WEEK!  Last week we had a killer deal on Naked 100 and it went GREAT, a lot of yall took advantage of the discount and stocked up! This

Vapestars: the Podcast – Battery Wrap Rant 6/11

So on this episode of Vapestars: the podcast I MAY have gone on a 30+ minute rant about battery wraps. But hey, it's my show right? Tune in to Sunday nights at 8pm pacific to catch the LIVE show each week. You can always wait & catch the replay on Sticher, Itunes, Speaker,

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Confusion over the Cole / Bishop Amendment & HR2058

The LAST thing we need is more confusion.. The vaping industry has a hard enough time staying together and fighting as one. Conflicting advice from advocates and influential vapers can cause more harm than we can handle right now. In this episode (below) of Smoke Free Radio, Dimitri and his guests really break down

SMOKE FREE RADIO IS BACK! (Dimi & friends)

Many of you know that I have always toyed with the idea of starting a Podcast…. Well, a few weeks ago my good friend, fellow vaper and advocate Dimitris invited me to join the new SMOKE FREE RADIO NETWORK.  “The Smoke Free Radio Network is dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction via use of personal

Vapestars Update

2015 has been quite the year for the vaping community! I wanted to talk a little bit about SOME issues in the vaping community, things happening in the industry & what I have been up to. Make no mistake,vaping as we know it is under attack. A year ago I would have never thought “VAPING” was really affecting cigarette