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Top Hat Mods: NEW Titanium 26650 sxj2

Top Hat Mods
26650 w/ 18650 sleeve adapter
Titanium frame
Sxj350 v2

*warning, this is a bit cheesey, but I have never cared about being cool anyway.

I wanted this device before it was ever invented and just didn’t know it.

Had I sat in the workshop for 8-9 months and talked to Tommy & Steve, I couldn’t have pictured, imagined or dreamed up a nicer device.

It is everything I could ever imagine about a high end device with an approachability that whispers in your ear, “it’s ok to actually USE it JT, toss an atty on me and VAPE…”

The box. The time and effort put into these boxes can’t be ignored or overlooked. Packaging could possibly seem like an avoidable step to some, but it is something special in itself.  Over the months, the packaging has just gotten better & more detailed, just like the contents.

The curves & angles of the new frame just makes sense. Sort of space aged and sort of utilitarian at the same time. I asked Steve about the design and he even said it kind of just evolved over months from the earlier / standard C Frame.

The wood / acrylic material, well you guys see the pictures of other Top Hat’s. They are gorgeous and the color combinations are fucking amazing. I feel like these blocks are the cream of the crop.

The Top Hat logo / serial number inlay kinda boggles my mind. No clue how it happens, think it’s magic. This is just an example of the detail that make these devices what they are.

26650 gives me the extra battery life I appreciate, as I travel 4-5 days a week. But then you have an 18650 sleeve adapter in case you are stuck out without a back up 2600 cell. Oh, the sleeve is made from the same block as your device.. DOPE.

Also from the same block is the included drip tip. I think many of us know the struggle of matching a drip tip to your newest mod. Well not anymore…

In the box as well is a Top Hat shaped battery door key, another nice detail and my newest keychain charm.

I do have some learning to do to “get” the new features of the sxj chipset. But for my vaping style, it offers PLENTY of wattage. One could even “blow clouds” at 75w if they wanted..

Obviously I am a huge fan of Top Hat devices. But there is something extra special about this version.

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to watch & experience the progression of Top Hat, and of course Steve & Tommy.

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