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Here I have put together a quick list of  “Vape Vocabulary”  to help newer vapers.

You will see these terms used on  websites, in videos and in vape shops. I think this will help familiarize you with the meanings behind some of them.  

510– most common thread pattern most batteries / mods have female 510 connector and most atomizers have male 510 posts . Also used to describe the small “cigarette shaped” e-cigarettes , or “gas station” e-cigarettes. Also used to describe the size and connection on an atomizer where a “drip tip” fits

Analog– slang for traditional tobacco cigarette

Atomizer– (atty) part of an e-cigarette set-up that vaporizes your e-juice, holds e-juice and contains coils, most “set-ups” consist of an atomizer and a battery. There are types of atomizers that hold a lot of e-juice and also dripping styles that only allow for a few drops at a time.

B&M – or Brick & Mortar , refers to a physical Vape Shop as opposed to an online store. Prices at a B&M will almost all of the time be higher than from an online vendor due to cost of doing business, rent, power, employee wages… BUT, these are a VERY valuable and NEEDED tool for new and old vapers alike. Many people benefit greatly from talking face to face with someone with experience when considering “vaping” – SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VAPE SHOP!  ** IF they deserve your business that is**

Battery – the power source in an e-cigarette set-up , it provides power to the atomizer. This can refer to an e-cig battery or a rechargeable if using a “mod” of some sort. Lithium Ion batteries are very common but there are certain safety precautions needed when using / charging any rechargeable battery. Popular:  Sony vct4 & vct5 , mnke, imren, efest, AW

Bottom Fire– this refers to the way to “fire” or activate an e-cig “Mod” , just means the button is on the bottom of the device

Box Mod – This refers to a style of device built into a box as opposed to a traditional “tube”

Cartridge – this is a tube filled with absorbent material which holds e-juice. These can be bought pre-filled or refillable. (these are mainly used in gas station type models)

Cartomizer – This is really a combination of an atomizer and a cartridge; cheaper than an atomizer (of same style) but won’t last as long as a stand alone atomizer. Usually holds more e-juice than a cartridge

Charger – or battery charger – these are used to recharge an e-cig battery once it is dead or the charge is depleted. ego / 510 types are made so that you screw your 510 threaded battery into a connector and usuallu runs through a usb connection to a wall adapter o even your computer.

Clearomizer– A very popular style of e-cig atomizer that is clear or has a window, allowing you to see the e-juice and coil assembly inside. Clearomizers come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. Some have replaceable atomizer heads (coils) while others are disposable.

Clone / Clones – A term used to describe a copy of another item, counterfeit products. They can be low quality and have lately lost some  appeal with lower priced devices coming to market.

Cloud Chasing / Cloud Chaser-  A term given to the type of vaper / activity with the goal being large vapor production.  ex. “Blowing Clouds” and competing in “Cloud Competitions”

Coil– This is the actual part (heating element) of an atomizer that heats up , turning e-juice into vapor. Resistance wire is wrapped in a coil design around a wick material and connected at one end to a positive post and the other end is connected to a negative or ground post in some fashion. An atomizer can have dual coils (2 separate coils) and even quad (4) coils ( these are for advanced builders and re-buildable atomizers and not recommended or needed IMO )

Device– Used sometimes as a generic term for a Electronic cigarette device

DNA20 / DNA30 – This is a “chip” made by the comapny Evolve, this chip, when installed in a device, gives you the capability to adjust the wattage up to 20w or 30w – Many are made into “Box Mods”

Dripping– a style of vaping where e-juice is “dripped” directly into an atomizer , a few drops at a time , directly onto a wick / coil and vaped. There are specific types of atomizers for this style.

Drip Tip – the mouthpiece or part of an e-cig that goes in your mouth enabling you to inhale the vapor. Most atomizers use a standard “510” size female connection for drip tips and come in many many diff styles , shapes , colors and sizes and is the easiest way to customize your e-cig set-up. The name “drip tip” comes from a term for a mouthpiece you “drip” e-juice through into the atomizer , directly onto a coil when using the “dripping” method of vaping.

E-juice–  e-liquid or juice – The liquid used in e-cigarettes made of mainly of “PG” , “VG” , flavoring and nicotine. Non-nicotine e-juices are readily available as well. E-juice is “vaporized and inhaled when “vaping”

Ekowool – a brand name of braided silica material used as wick material – *see “Wick

Ego– a generic term used to describe an extremely popular style of e-cigarette battery. This device uses both 510 threading AND Ego cone threading to attach different types of atomizers. these come in a wide variety of colors , sizes and different companies / brands will call them by different names.

Ego Twist– Ego style e-cig battery that has a “dial” at the bottom allowing you to adjust the Voltage up or down depending on your vaping style and or the specific atomizer you are using.
*NOTE – this is the style of e-cig I recommend for new vapers. It is easy to you use, affordable, reliable, and the voltage adjustments give you a device that is perfect for new, intermediate and more experienced vapers alike.

Flavor Chasing / Flavor Chaser–  A style of vaping / type of vaper , their goal being best flavor possible from a given “set-up”.

Flooding– an occurrence where too much e-juice is applied to the coil in your atomizer. Not enough air and too much juice will result in sub par atomizer performance and decreased vapor production.

Mah – (mah rating) an abbreviation for Milliamp hours which is a rating given to  batteries to relay how long they will last. In layman’s terms. This is  a way to understand how long a battery will last. The higher Mah rating, the longer the battery life.

Manual– used to describe an e-cig battery (ego-510) that has to be manually “fired” by pushing a button or engaging a switch for the battery to provide power to the atomizer.

Mech – short for mechanical mod *see MOD definition, This describes a device that uses NO wires or computer chip. Unregulated and , a mechanical , physical firing mechanism

Milligrams– a unit of measurement, in e-cigs, used to relay level of nicotine in an e-juice – common levels are 0 mg – 6 mg -8 mg -12 mg-16 mg-18 mg-24 mg (with 24 being considered pretty high nicotine content and 0 being none nicotine)

MOD– Most often used when talking about an advanced e-cig device with or with out, a removable and rechargeable battery (lithium Ion is most popular) Although some “MODS” HAVE INTERNAL BATTERIES; the two main types of “mod’s” are Variable Voltage/regulated Mods and Mechanical Mods (mech mods / mech’s) these vary greatly in price style and function. Some  Mods are rare and very expensive while others are more redily available and affordable.

OHM – the measure of electrical  resistance. Atomizers will have a rating something like 1.8 ohm , 2.2 ohm …. the lower the rating , the faster and hotter  the coil will fire , but this shortens the life of that coil quite a bit. The higher the rating the longer the coil will last and the higher voltage it can accept from your power source

*NOTE – this is just the basics for a new vaper, if you ever decide to start rebuilding atomizer coils much more research is needed before attempting a build.

OHM Meter – A device made specificallyto test the resistance of an atomizer, mostly used by vapers that build their own coils. ALL coils need to be tested prior to vaping.

Pass through – a style of e-cig battery (mostly ego style) that plugs directly into a USB or wall adapter and allows for vaping without worrying about battery charge.  (great as a back up device!
P.V. or Personal Vaporizer – is a term simply to refer to an e-cig. Although it is most commonly used when referring to a MOD
Propylene Glycol or PG – one of the main ingredients in many E-juice’s, most often described in a ratio of pg/vg = 50/50 meaning the juice is 50%PG and 50% VG. Juices higher in PG content will usually provide a greater “throat hit” where e-juices with a higher VG content will provide increased/thicker vapor. PG has long been used in medical products such as asthma inhalers.
RBA or RBA’s   – refer to rebuildable atomizers. A wick and coil is “built,”  tested, and installed on this style of atomizer by the vaper. These atomizers are for experienced vapers/vape hobbyists and require much research and education on topics such as (but not limited to)  conductivity, batteries, OHM’s Law, resistance, voltage and amperage.  DO NOT ATTEMPT UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!
RDA or  Rebuildable “Dripping” Atomizer – a style of RBA for using  the Dripping method of  vaping

Resistance –  When it comes to vaping, resistance is the way we measure our coils – how quickly and how hot our coils will heat up / also how much power they will demand from our battery. Remember, this is a part of vaping that demands some homework. This site is not made to be the “gospel” and more knowledge of OHM’s law / resistance / voltage / wattage / amperage / battery safety  is needed in order to stay safe when puching past the “normal” or “standard” resistances of roughly 1.2 to 2.8ohm

Set-Up – a term used (by me a lot) to refer to any given e-cigarette one may be using or talking about
Starter Kit or KIT – this is a term used to describe an e-cigarette “package deal” that will typically include everything you need to start vaping immediatly. a Typical EGO kits would include a battery (ego style) or two , an atomizer and a charger. Many vendors will also include a bottle of e-juice and or a carrying case with your kit
Throat hit or “TH” – used to describe the feeling in the back of the throat, when vapor is inhaled. Higher PG and higher nicotine content e-juices will provide a greater throat hit while lower nicotine / higher VG e-juices will provide less of a throat hit. This mimics the feeling of smoking an “analog” or tobacco cigarette and is an important feature that helps smokers feel satisfied after switching to vaping
VG or Vegetable Glycerin – an ingredient found in many e-juices, usually described in a ratio of PG/VG. Remember higher VG content will produce increased vapor production but less of a throat hit. 100% VG e-juices are an option for people with an allergy to PG, but makes a very very thick e-juice that may not “wick” as well in all atomizers.
Volts– Unit of electrical measurement.More voltage = more power from power source to the atomizer
*note again , this is basic stuff for newer vapers, before experimenting with mechanical mods and especially rebuildables , research OHM’s Law and be an informed vaper!
Vapestars – anyone who vapes and spreads the VAPE LOVE to others in the community!
Vape – to use an electric cigarette. Also used to describe the quality or lack thereof of a hit off of an e-cig as in “that was a good vape”.. some people call an e-cigarette device a “vape” but personally I think thats lame.. to VAPE is to use an e-cgarette, it’s not a noun.
Vaper – a person who vapes or uses e-cigarettes
Vape Shop– sometimes referred to as a “Brick & Mortar”  , a physical store that sells e-cigarettes and e-cig related items
Vapor – The stuff that vaper’s blow clouds of! ha ha .. real definition =” a substance diffused or suspended in the air (usually a liquid or solid) “
Vapor Production – a term used to describe hw much vapor is produced by a given “set-up” on an average hit.

 VV / VW – an abbreviation used for Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

Watts / Wattage – by definition is:  An amount of power, especially electric power, expressed in watts or kilowatts. NOW, when it comes to vaping, you may see “VW” , this means variable wattage. When using a device in Variable Wattage mode the device itslef controls the actual “Voltage” that is puts to the atomizer. Higher wattage = more power = higher voltage

Wick– refers to a material that draws up / absorbs e-juice and delivers it to a coil, to be vaporized. Contained in one way or another in pretty much all atomizers. Types of wick include stainless steel mesh, cotton, silica/ekowool, stainless steel cable, and even hemp. To “WICK” or “WICKING”- refers to how well (or not so well) an e-juice is being drawn up and delivered to the coil.
See a term that might be missing?
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