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I don’t pretend to have all the answers, BUT, I do work very hard to stay involved in vapor industry advocacy. Flawless Distribution is an active member of both SFATA & the Florida Smoke Free Association.

We have put together a very strong sales & service team and are able to offer that 1 on 1 experience many retailers in the vaping industry appreciate. We have also implemented a full distribution website and are able to process your orders around the clock. We can easily take the place of multiple distributors, offer competitive pricing & provide fast shipping on the products you need. This saves you time, which is money, AND money, which is money.

We recently partnered with Rip Trippers to launch THE MERGE, a liquid line with proceeds going directly to the AMERICAN VAPING ASSOCIATION led by Greg Conley.

I would love the chance to work together,

Jonathan “JT” Thomas

National Sales Manger / Flawless Distribution