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You have the basics,  Now let’s take it a step further.  An atomizer’s main function is to house a “coil” (and many are a reservoir for e-juice as well) this is what heats up and vaporizes your e-juice.  There are many types of atomizers out there and a ton of different names for them ex:  Clearomizers, bottom coil clearomizers, and tanks to name a few. On top of that consider that different companies or vendors may call them all different names ?!?  You may be ready to make a run for it! But wait! We are going to take it slow and stay relaxed here at Let’s stick with the basics and understand the relationship between your battery (power source / ego) and your atomizer ( no matter what type!) every atomizer has a specific resistance, this is measured in OHM’s, the lower the resistance, the quicker and hotter the coil heats up and produces optimal vapor production faster but with a shorter lifespan. The higher the resistance, the longer the coil will last but it will take longer and or take more voltage to heat up and produce optimal vapor. Basically the range of popular resistances you will come in contact with will be from 1.8 ohms to 3.0 ohms. This is the most popular range for a reason and as you experiment with different atomizers you will eventually find your own “sweet spot.”

The lower the resistance of your atomizer the lower voltage you will want to send to it. Feel free to adjust the voltage but go slow and start on the lowest setting. Too high a voltage setting can burn your coil very quickly, give a burnt taste to your juice and it shortens your battery life unnecessarily. A higher resistance atomizer will need a bit higher voltage setting but always start low and slowly work your way up. Keep in mind, there is no NEED to adjust once YOU are satisfied with the vape you have found. We will get into generally recommended voltage ranges for certain resistance ranges in Vapestars 301 don’t worry! Remember? Stay relaxed and take it slow .. Right?