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Oh! hello there fellow vaper! It’s time to elaborate a bit on resistance / voltage and even introduce some new devices / power sources.!

Again, DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED or feel like you are expected to “progress” as a vaper. I absolutely think the knowledge is very important but as far as the devices we are about to go over, THEY ARE NOT NEEDED TO VAPE. IMO your goals can be accomplished with the clearomizers and ego twist style battery we have talked about in 101 & 201. But if you are not satisfied with the vape you are getting or wish to pursue vaping as a hobby then lets go!

MODS. A word used to describe a type of electronic cigarette, usually powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The most common batteries used to power them are 18350, 18490/18500 and 18650. I highly recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries before purchasing or using them. Inform yourself on proper ways to use, store, charge, and dispose of them. They have the potential to cause bodily harm if used incorrectly or damaged.  Now the actual mods can range in price from $12 to hundreds of dollars. So like any other hobby, you can pretty much spend as much or as little as you choose to. Okay, there are two MAIN types of mods, of course many different styles and variations, but for 301 we are calling it two:
Regulated Mods – this type is usually variable voltage and have some sort of  “regulation” to them aka they have guts, wires,  and or circuit boards of some sort. Features vary from mod to mod but the variable voltage is the main thing here. This type of mod will let the user adjust the voltage delivered to the atomizer (coil) higher or lower, the range is usually around 3v to 6v. Some of the features you may have with a mod like this are , (but again vary greatly) variable wattage as well as voltage , the ability to test the resistance of attached atomizers and the ability to tell you the current voltage (charge level) of your battery usually on a small LED type screen. A great first Variable Voltage Mod IMO is the Vamo. The Vamo is reasonably priced, very popular and gives you all of the above features with a nice looking design.

The second MAIN type of MODs are:

MECHANICAL MODS. This type most often runs off the same type of battery and may have a similar general shape or look as some regulated mods. But as implied in the name, they are mechanical in there function and design. A true mechanical mod is unregulated and has moving parts that, when the button is pushed,  completes the circuit and provides power from your battery to your atomizer. I recommend a decent knowledge of Lithium Ion batteries before purchasing or experimenting with this type of mod. A battery can heat up and possibly fail if something goes wrong, whereas with a regulated mod there are usually safety features built in and employed by the circuitry inside of the device. A mechanical mod, when the button is pushed, delivers the full amount of voltage that the battery has available at that time. This varies slightly (depending on level of charge) but 1800 series are considered 3.7v  batteries. There is no way to raise or lower the voltage when using a mechanical mod. you get what the battery has at any given moment, no more no less.
This brings us back to the resistance of your atomizer. If you are using an atomizer with a resistance of 3.0 ohms you would benefit the most using it on a variable voltage mod where you could raise  the voltage going to the atomizer thus heating the  coil enough for optimal vapor production. If you were to put the same 3.0 ohm atomizer on a mechanical mod and fire it, you would not have enough voltage , and no way to raise the voltage going to the atomizer causing reduced vapor production.
In my experience (and generally accepted) atomizers with a  resistance of 1.8 ohms – 2.2 ohms (this range is generally considered “low resisistance”) are generally best paired with around 3.7v which is roughly what you will get with most mechanical mods and 3.7v batteries.  Standard and High resistance atomizers (in the range of 2.3ohm-3.0 ohms) are far better suited for use on a variable voltage device where a 3.8v-4.7v range of voltage is available. It’s usually recommended to start at a lower voltage, especially with a brand new atomizer/coil, before increasing voltage, all atomizers will be a little different and there is usually an accepted variance in resistance of .1 ohms – .2 ohms.
 While some atomizers won’t fit some mods, the  majority of atomizers have male “510” threads and most mods have female “510” threads. This is something to consider when purchasing atomizers or mods to be sure they will work  together.
Again, these type devices are nice and may offer features you are looking for. But always make informed decisions when it comes to your money and your safety. The best Vape set up is the one that enables you to accomplish your individual goals.
These are simply my opinions and everyone will have slightly different experiences.