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You have come a long way. From, “What is vaping?” To where you are today. Almost ready to start building your own coils! If you have gotten to this point then it’s clear you are looking to get the most out of your vaping experience. Just never forget how you got started and be a positive example and role model for newer vapers you come in contact with.
We are going to talk about Rebuildable Atomizers (or RBA’s) today.Like Mods, styles and types vary like models of cars, but we are going to focus on the two most popular rebuildable atomizer types for now.

Genesis Style RBA’s , like the Smoktech RSST, have a tank section (holds e-juice) a “top deck” ( right above the tank) and a “top cap” that covers top deck and holds the mouth piece or “drip tip” basically a wick and coil are “built” where a wick, rolled up stainless steel mesh is inserted through top deck down into the tank area. thin wire , called resistance wire is wrapped around the end of the wick that sticks above top deck , creating a coil. One end of the resistance wire is secured to a negative post (a screw in top deck) and the other end secured to center post . When attached to a mod or other e-cig , power source and button is pushed, the wire coil heats up and vaporizes juice that has wicked up the ss mesh from the tank area. There are different styles and ways to “build” on this type of RBA and We will get more into that in future videos don’t worry.

The next style of Rebuildable atomizer is sometimes referred to as an RDA – rebuildable DRIPPING atomizer. As the name implies, this type / method involves “dripping” E-juice directly onto a wick/coil with no tank or reservoir section for extra e-juice. Once all juice is vaporized you must re-drip to continue vaping. Think of this type of RBA (example is the Igo-W) as a top deck and top cap with no tank attached. A different type of wick is commonly used such as Ekowool ( looks alot like a shoe lace) or Silica ( looks like an odd type of yarn) wick material.. Resistance wire is wrapped around the wick material again, creating a coil. one end of wire is attached to a negative post and the other end attached to a positive center post. When the atomizer is fired the e-juice dripped onto the wick is vaporized by the wire coil and there you have it.

It is popular opinion that “dripping” is the style of vaping that produces the best flavor and greatest vapor production . I most definitely agree , with the Genesis style RBA the next best in flavor and vapor production compared to other types of atomizers.

No matter what style of vaping suits you best,educate yourself, take it slow and stay focused on your goals so you get the most of your vape journey.