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We are Vapestars: Brandy B.

Brandy B’s Story:

Ok. My story…

I started smoking at 17, and quit after an episode of pleurisy at 20 years old. I’m an asthmatic and should have never started. I was smoking 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day. Over the years, I picked up a cigarette here and there, then the occasional pack. I picked up smoking full time again a 1 1/2 years ago after almost 20 years. I never lost the urge for nicotine.

Zach and Karra had started Mad Hatter and were on my ass right away. I picked up a couple sets of pens but it didn’t give me the nicotine rush I needed to quit. I was a chain smoker. Then, a year later they came out with Luxe and introduced me to Purple Mist. I was in love with the flavor after tasting it on Karras dripper. I was determined to quit…eventually if e-juice tasted this good!

I picked up some Purple Mist but was still using that damn pen. A few months later Karra took me to Cliffs shop and I picked up a Sid and Kryptonite tank. I drop Karra off at Vapor 93 and take off to school. Karra texts me a few minutes later telling me that Peter wanted to meet me that night. I had no idea quitting smoking was going to lead me to my soul mate. Yep, this is a love story also!

I started vaping on 18 menthol tobacco. Halfway through a bottle of Silver Leaf, I was ready to give up tobacco flavors but not the coolness of the menthol. I switched to Poseidon. Yum yum!

This whole time, I held on to the last 3 cigarettes in my pack. Every time I craved one, Peter was there to keep me vaping instead. After 2 weeks, I was down to 12 mg nicotine. But I still wasn’t getting that nic rush I wanted. Karra loaned me her Stingray and Peter got me a patriot. I haven’t turned back since.

March 20th, 2014, I quit smoking and met my true love. Definitely a day to celebrate from here on out! 4 months smoke free tomorrow! Umm… And my mod collection has grown. What a surprise! Peter keeps hooking me up with some great stuff. Ha ha ha.

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