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We are Vapestars: Cody O.

Cody O’s story:  

I wanted to tell you about my story even though you have probably already heard this one many times before.

I was a smoker and so was my mom, and I love my mom so much, till death, she has always been there for me, and I would do anything for her to be safe and healthy. And I was worried for her and her health. After I watched your reviews, you really changed my mind on smoking and what I should be doing to make my life a little healthier. Long story short, my mom was smoking camel menthol and she stopped just for me because I showed her how much I love her and how much vaping can actually save her from cancer and much more. All because of the help from you. I really don’t think I would have persuaded her without your help. All in all, thank your for what you have done and for changing lives, even if you may or May not know.. Biggest thanks. Keep on vaping

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