Vapestars goes GREEN: My Journey into Hemp & CBD

Vapestars goes GREEN:

My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry

Over the last 8-9 months & have immersed myself into the HEMP & CBD industry.

To be completely honest, my initial goal was just to create another source of income. It quickly became much more meaningful and gratifying. If you want to follow this new venture, check in from time to time as I will be posting updates,


My Journey into the Hemp & CBD Industry has been much more work than I EVER expected, but more rewarding than I could have imagined. Countless hours on the phone connecting with industry professionals, learning & gaining knowledge. Of course I was building relationships that would blossom into a very valuable network.

All the while I left my job at Flawless and began building, launching & running my own vapor project, Vapestar Supply Co.

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I began seeking out Hemp & CBD product users, talking to REAL people with “no skin in the game.” I ended up finding people that were desperate for relief from pain, anxiety & PTSD. They shared stories about themselves, their wives, husbands, parents and children. I heard about the seizures and the sleepless nights. I learned of frustration with the current medical system and heard horror stories about ruthless insurance & pharmaceutical companies.

One day it REALLY hit home.

My girlfriends aunt sent me a FB message. As a busy woman, a mother & full time Nurse, she had been meaning to explore CBD products for a while. After seeing my CBD projects begin to come to fruition, she decided it was time. She told me that she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. In addition to the stiffness & pain, the lack of sleep was unbearable. Hearing good things about CBD products, she was willing to try anything. Well, when I shared this with my girlfriend Taylor, her eyes welled up with tears. I learned that her aunt simply pushed through the pain and the family wasn’t aware of the severity of her condition.

In an effort to make an already long post shorter, I’ll wrap this up.

I found out a good friend of mine was suffering from similar issues so I asked her about her experience with CBD products. Based on her dosage, feedback & results I sent Taylors aunt two 625mg bottles of Roam Free CBD Tincture. I am happy to report has not only found relief from arthritis pain, her sleep has drastically improved as well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Needless to say, I am very excited to share this journey with all of you. Please reach out to me anytime, ask questions & share your experiences. I am dedicated to providing high quality hemp based products & information to people that need it  and will continue moving forward in this amazing industry.

I want to hear your stories, opinions, experiences and thoughts on Hemp & CBD products, my contact information is below.


Vapestar Supply Co.

  Greenstar Distro CBD Supply by Vapestars

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