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We Are Vapestars: Jonathan W.

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Jonathan W’s story: 

I started smoking cigarettes when I was fourteen years old.  My friends and I were in a talent show cover band and after we would finish playing Korn covers we would go out into the woods behind the shed and smoke Marlboro Lights.  It was cool, and it was dangerous because when our moms would pick us up we weren’t allowed to smell like cigarettes, so we armed ourselves with Mentos and lotion.  Always prepared for war.

Into my adult years, I would light cigarettes whenever I finished doing a chore, took a phone conversation, finished a class, drove in my car, walked out of a movie, after I ate, and so on and so forth.  It was as if I felt that I deserved one everywhere I turned.

I’m closing in on my thirties, and I’d like to stay away from hospitals as long as I can.  I’ve been in enough of them to know that I hate them.  So I turned to e-cigarettes.  I bought my first one at a smoke shop, and I hated it.  It didn’t work, and I continued to smoke.  After many failed attempts at quitting smoking, I was introduced to the world of Vaping from a friend of mine named Gary.  It blew me away.  I could still smoke and avoid the risks that come with it, and I could find flavors that tasted good, and I could walk into a classroom at college without smelling like I just gargled with tap water and cigarette ashes.

I got my first set up, and tried a lot of different juices from many different e-juice companies.  I liked them, but none of them resulted in the pack of Camels being removed from my pocket and my piece ended up becoming an eighty dollar decoration that sat on my wall unit.

A few months later, I discovered this new company called Mr. Good Vape.  Everything about this company made me rediscover this venture that I knew was imminent if I wanted to ever quit smoking.  They blend flavors for connoisseurs who have strong taste in culinary flavors and also want to improve their health by putting out their cigarettes.  In these flavors, I found myself going from 20 cigarettes a day to 3 cigarettes a day.  When I tried their flavor Moon Sugar I finally believed that I could quit smoking.  A combination of sugar cookie, butterscotch, and graham cracker crust, I can feel the throat hit I crave in a cigarette and the taste from the clouds hooked me.

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