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We are Vapestars: Ken “Classic” L.

Ken L’s story:
What up doe!!!
…ok so it starts like this.. picture this, me at work hot summer day.busy day as usual stress level up..damn it I need a break. At the time I was smoking black and mild cigars yeah (ugh)
My weapon of choice for killing me slowly..I had puffed my last one on the way into work that morning…so a friend of mine gave me a cig. Marlboro smooth …I took one puff and I was hooked from then on…5_6 years later I’m still on them daily even after work outs..after dinner while drinking….had to smoke while driving. I got up to a pack and a half aday…now this went on for about 7years up until last year ..
My third year living in Houston my new manger found out that I smoked…we were out celebrating a promotion of a new guy..and I pull my cigs out lay them on the table..
he looks at me like 0_o you smoke?
Me: yea
him: I didn’t know that.
Me: haaa ha yea you did I take smoke breaks all the time.
him: I’ve never noticed..
Me: o well…yea I do…so he picks up my fresh pack and squeezes them to death.crushing them and the box to nothing….the look on my face was of hey man that was seven bucks!! He said I’ll give you seven bucks but cigs will kill you!! He took that box and filled it with mustard also..just so I could not try to save one
I’ve been cig free since that night over a year ago…I got my first vaporizer from a smoke shop…(disposable) then I got a ego then quickly got into mechs all with in a year ….I moved fast I think..just because everything was so interesting …it was a world I didnt know many people doing the same thing I love and have fun doing.building and collecting …and staying healthily and living smoke free!! Well that’s my story in a nut shell.
Thanks it for allowing me to share.
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