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We are Vapestars: Kevin F.

I’m Kevin Fortune (ig:@inourclouds), and I LOVE TO VAPE!

I started smoking while I was in the Army in 2000, really because I wanted to take breaks with all my battle buddies, and after a while I was smoking like a chimney.  It became a habit to the point I couldn’t go a couple of hours without lighting up.
Until I discovered vaping, I tried almost everything (cold turkey, the patch, gum, MORE PATCHES!!!!)  and nothing worked.  That’s when my wife (ig:@curlingdervish) found out about vaping in 2013.  After 13 years of smoking, and nothing working, I was highly skeptical, but was ready to try again.  Our first outing was awful, because we didn’t know what our threshold was when it came to nicotine.  I was ready to throw in the towel.  But with the help of fellow vapers, and our local vape shop, we discovered a world of vaping greatness!
Both me and my wife tried to “zero out” just waaaaaay too early.  We tried to run a race, but we’re a couple of marathoners, so we slipped back into smoking cigarettes.  It happens.  As much as we loved vaping, though, we went back in hard, and we haven’t gone analog since.
My advice: don’t be quick to frustrate yourself because you can’t quit nicotine right away.  It’s okay to take your time to go 0 mg.  Also, don’t become discouraged when your vape tool of choice fails you and use it as an excuse to go back.  Be patient, that’s how you get better; that’s how you beat the cravings, that’s how you win.
I’m happy to say me and my wife are a couple of vape junkies, and we tool our mods, drip RBAs and build coils like we’ve been doing it for years, and not months.  Once you’re in, you win!  We breathe better than we ever have on cigarettes.  We vape life!  If you believe you deserve better, give yourself a fighting chance, and VAPE ON!
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