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We Are Vapestars: Mike K.

Mike K’s story:

Im 32 and i started smoking at 16,heavy 2 pack a day started at 18.

In November of 2013 i noticed at work i kept getting out of breath and heavy pressure on my chest decided then i gotta do something to quit smoking. started looking online at tips on quitting, i tried cold turkey but that lasted 22 hours and 10 of that was me sleeping lol, so saw online about Blu e cigs went and bought startup kit.

They did cut down the smoking to about a pack but still couldnt seem to quit completely. was looking to see if there were other options that were like Blu, i cant remember if it was grimm green,indoor smokers, or you jt but saw a vid of a guy with an ego and tank setup so i said i guess ill try and find one of those, and that did it. it basically satisfied me like a cig.

I had a few cigs left so i looked at the calender and i wrote on calender onnovember 12th at 2 pm i lit my last cig, been vaping since that day havnt touched a cig since.i still have that piece of calender on my wall as reminder of how long its been. Dont get me wrong i still have days after 8 months where i crave one, i dont know why cause i think they smell awful now. I think its just stupid things like holding it in your fingers flicking it. Them days ill just start building coils messin around and vape.

Get your mind busy on something else it will go away.

Thanks for the great vids and reviews JT they have helped out alot!

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