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Vapestars Road Trip: Salvation Mountain, Slab City

I like to share, you know this much about me already.  I really miss being on the road, when I used to travel to vape shops I really enjoyed it and now am left with having to get my fill on the weekends. Check out, Vapestars Road Trip: Salvation Mountain video below!

This past weekend I took a road trip to Salvation Mountain, this is a art exhibit in the absolute middle of nowhere, but near the Salton Sea. Basically a guy spent years building a mountain of religious themed painting, sculptures and broken down cars. You really have to check it out if you ever get the chance. Fair warning, the area is called Slab City and it’s kind of a hippie / homeless desert settlement.

Let me know if you have been here before, heard of this place or if you are planning to come visit sometime!

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