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Vapestars Update

2015 has been quite the year for the vaping community!

I wanted to talk a little bit about SOME issues in the vaping community, things happening in the industry & what I have been up to.

Make no mistake,vaping as we know it is under attack. A year ago I would have never thought “VAPING” was really affecting cigarette / tobacco sales. Well it’s clear we are doing just that!

-The FDA is working on implementing their regulations on our industry
-Some government officials are looking to replace revenue lost from tobacco products, trying to pass laws that would HEAVILY tax vapor products.
-Vaping bans are popping up left and right in cities across America.
-Some national “Heath Care” groups are going as far as demonizing vaping, telling people it’s just as bad or WORSE than smoking..

Meanwhile the industry is growing larger, the vaping community is growing stronger & we are starting to “WAKE UP” and standing up for our rights.

EVERY vaper stands as an advocate for this life saving technology. We all are given the chance every day to represent “VAPING” in a positive light and share our stories with the world. The beautiful thing is, all we have to do is be honest.

It sure changed (and saved) mine.

I encourage you to get involved and help protect vaping. If not for yourself, for the millions of amokers that still need us, haven’t found us yet.

Here is a quick list of groups that are on the ground and working hard on our behalf:



Well I closed my small vape shop in Lakeland, Florida and took a “Vape Ambassador” position with Njoy’s “Artist Collection.”

This position has been the VERY reason I have been able to be so much more involved in vaping advocacy.
I travel to vape shops in Florida & Georgia and get a 1 on 1 view of what is really going on in the community. I am able to attend City Hall meetings, learn from respected advocates, meet fellow vapers & support the small businesses that make up the bulk of the vaping industry.

If you follow me on social media, you have seen the shift in the past few months from strictly product reviews to a blend of advocacy, topics and vapor industry awareness. AND reviews , always reviews.

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