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New to Vaping ? 101

New to Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping?

Keep in mind we are not Doctors nor do we participate in Medical studies on electronic cigarettes.

This is Vapestars 101, a brief introduction to “vaping.” This video and the information I go over is based on my personal vape  journey and the result of talking to many new and experienced vapers while making myself comfortable in the vaping community.  Every person will have different results and preferences of course. The best vape device is the one that works for YOU!
I have come to the conclusion that there is a great electronic cigarette set up that seems to , IMO , be both an excellent starter and can easily be the only style you will ever need.  It is the ego twist or ego twist style battery  (your power source) and a ce5 clearomizer (your atomizer),  along with an E-juice of your choice.  E-juices come in tons of flavors and many nicotine strengths.  The above combination produces excellent vapor and the adjustable voltage dial on the ego twist  gives you room to ” grow” .  This feature lets you  “dial in” the voltage being sent to the atomizer and find that perfect vape . This is an excellent feature to have as you experiment with different atomizers  and e-juices.
Equipped with this information and this type of set up you are well on your way to being a smoke-free Vapestar!

There are many online vendors that sell “starter kits” First, decide whether you want to order from an overseas vendor (2-4 weeks shipping times) or a domestic, US based vend (3-5 days shipping time)  So if you have some patience you can save yourself a little bit of dough. But there are a lot of things to consider including customer service, what if the item has aproblem? Do you want to wait another 3-4 weeks for a replacement..?