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Vaping Regulations HURT & Flavors MATTER

Vaping Regulations HURT & Flavors MATTER

Regulations could cause the death of the vapor industry, but more importantly, the death of millions of smokers. Vaping is an extremely disruptive technology and some opposition, even skepticism is expected. With millions of lives at stake, vaping MUST be allowed to do it’s thing.

VAPING has provided millions of smokers with a much needed “better way.” Patches, gums and prescription smoking cessation methods simply do not work for many. VAPING is there for these folks, VAPING replicates the smoking behavior they are accustomed too. VAPING comes without thousands of chemicals and tar,  simply put,VAPING works.

The advances in vaping hardware and the variety of eliquid flavors available play an important role and must remain accessible.

“….Flavor options play an important part in that. A recent report in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that limits on vapers’ flavor choices negatively impact e-cigarette use. About 40 percent of former and current adult smokers predict that removing their ability to choose flavors would make them less likely to remain abstinent or even attempt to quit in the first place. In fact, data in this report define a flavor pattern that is common in transitioning off cigarettes – current smokers are partial to the flavor of traditional tobacco, while fruit and sweet flavors are preferred by former smokers….”

Read the full article here:

Over-regulation will likely kill millions of smokers.

Flavor bans will prevent more smokers from making the switch.


At what point does it become CRIMINAL to be the cause of so many lost human lives?


Support advocacy efforts, get involved:

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