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Vapstars in the UK: Nottingham & Sherwood Forest

We are back online folks! 

I have been away for quite a while and up until recently, was in the UK.

The Vapestars Network site’s monthly hosting was tied to an old debit card that was cut off due to potential fraud. Well, the hosting cost couldn’t be taken from that card and eventually they cancelled and deleted my website! Fast forward and I had to pay a web developer to reconstruct the site and get us up and running again. Please check back often as you will see some really exciting things in the near future!


ANYWAY, the 5 month UK experience was amazing, I was able to meet so many great people and see so many amazing things. The vaping community in the UK is truly amazing and is full of very passionate vapers and advocates. The industry is thriving even with the recent TPD regulations being implemented. My time in the UK building Flawless Distribution’s UK operation was a real eye-opener.

I am home now and glad to be back, time to get back to work on the Vapestars Network website.


I have really loved tales of Robin Hood since I was a kid. When I realized how close I was to his old stomping grounds, I had to plan a trip. Rob from the rich & give to the poor, who doesn’t like that idea?!?

In this video I share a quick day trip to Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, CHECK IT OUT….

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