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Venetian White E-Juice: Juices of Persuasion? (contest too!)

Looking for something a little different?

Ever considered blowing cucumber or Jamaican rum & molasses  flavored clouds?

Yea me neither……  until I tried Venetian White’s line up..

They are doing something a little different and I think they are nailing it so far..  I have a feeling they are about to blow up.

**At the end of this video there is information on a contest, watch the whole thing if you want to enter!**

Check out Venetian White on Instagram @venetianwhite and on Facebook at:

You can buy direct from Venetian White through / in the e-juice section until more shops have it available!

Go here:

Also find retailers in your area on Instagram:

  • @vapestation_exclusive
  • @vapeliquidlounge
  • @smokefreesource
  • @craftvapery
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