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VHO’s Raijin & Raiju: MOD of Thunder..!

VHO’s newest family members are the Raijin (mechanical mod) and the Raiju (rebuildable dripping atomizer)

According to Japanese Mythology, and via Wikipedia:

  • Raijin is a name for the “God of Thunder” (see what I did there with the title?)
  • Raiju is a name for  “Thunder Animal” or “Thunder Beast”

The image of Raijin’s face is deeply engraved into the Raijin mod and looks bad ass..

Both the Raijin and Raiju are 22mm in diameter, look killer together and are available in diff colors.

The Raijin mod is a bottom fire device with adjustable, silver plated positive and negative contacts and reverse threaded locking feature. In hand it feels sleek but the engraving gives you something to hold on to, ya know what I mean? Adds some “gription” is that a word? It’s a heavy hitter and looks great with almost any 22mm atomizer I have thrown on it.

The Raijin by VHO

The Raiju RDA takes after it’s big brother, the Helios and has an easy to build 4 post design, duals and quad coils are a breeze. The top cap sits down flush and the adjustable air flow is possible one of the best I have seen. The “Octogon-ish” bronze piece on top functions as an easy to grip air flow ring and can be adjusted for single or dual air holes.

The Raiju RDA by VHO

*In case you can’t tell, I LOVE THIS COMBO!

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