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Why is the the industry / community NOT “sponsoring” smokers?

Vapers that blow large clouds, do vape tricks, build fancy coils get “sponsored” daily….

Well, my good friend JD and I want to bring the focus back to the people that REALLY need us, we decided to do something about it.

The Sponsor A Smoker program gets starter kits & eliquid to smokers who are ready to try vaping.

BUT, we don’t stop there!

We also pair that smoker with a vaper in their local area for SUPPORT, to answer questions & offer advice during the transition.

We feel that this support system aspect is the REAL game changer. It goes beyond just handing out free gear, that is only a PART of the equation…

MANY smokers need structure and a support system to really get the hang of this “VAPING” thing.

Take a minute and remember back to when you first started, it was a LOT to take in at first right?


BOTH vapers & smokers are encouraged to sign up, the registration form is at the top of our Facebook page: 

Sponsor A Smoker on FB

Also, consider buying a Tshirt to show your support: #SPONSORASMOKER TSHIRT!

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