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Wrigley versus Chi-Town Vapers: Doublemint Lawsuit

Wrigley vs Chi-Town Vapers: Doublemint Lawsuit

Wrigley Co, the makers of Double Mint, Juicy Fruit and other iconic gums filed a federal lawsuit against a vapor company this past week. The taste (of this lawsuit) is gonna move ya…. ( get it, like the old Juicy Fruit commercials…)

Chi-Town Vapers & Chi-Town Labs makes & sells eliquids with labels that basically look just like Wrigley gum packaging. This isn’t a shocker, there are a few eliquid companies that do similar things, we know that. Chi-Town also apparently was served with a cease & desist letter a in 2014 and in response, removed some products from their website.

Chi-Town just couldn’t let it go it seems, the products in question were BACK on the website by November 2015, with SLIGHT label changes. THEN in January 2017, Chi-Town also added “Joosy Froot Gum” eliquid, this was the straw that broke the camels back it seems. Obviously the label changes were not enough because now Chi-Town has a federal lawsuit to deal with.

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Here is the thing, when the guys at Chi-Town got the first cease & desist letter they had a chance to make changes and they HAD to know they were on Wrigley’s radar.  I imagine you don’t want to get wrapped up in a lawsuit with a company of that size. I think the makers of Double Mint gum will put a double mint beat down on these guys.

There are other eliquid companies in our industry that can learn from this, no matter the outcome, it will likely be an expensive lesson for Ch-Town Vapers to learn. Other companies can now get this lesson for free.


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