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The ZNA, CLONED. House of Hybrid’s reaction….

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ZEN and House of Hybrids responds to the ZNA being cloned……

You will DEFINITELYwant to read this..

So the extremely popular ZNA  has been cloned and it looks like they are starting to hit american soil.

The ZNA by House of Hybrids is a high quality and well built  device powered by the Evolve dna20 or dna30 chip-set.  This mod has been in HIGH demand ever since it was announced and people to this day pay GOOD money to acquire one.

Now, ZEN, the modder at House of Hybrids wrote up a quick blog post addressing this issue and I will say, his response it is REFRESHING to say the least..

NOW, I want to be clear this in NO way takes away from other modders / companies that choose to handle “cloning” differently. This is just a quick word on how Zen chooses to run his business. One does not take away or add to another.

Some of you know that I have always called for modders to adjust their business model to the market we are in. This exact thing is happening more and more recently. More and more modders are putting out lower priced options and fighting to keep vaping customers instead of wasting precious time and energy fighting an uphill battle.

Bravo to Zen for keeping it classy…

You sir, are a REAL Vape Star..

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